The team spirit which sees how the static is influenced by the dynamic and how the dynamic is astonished by the architecture

Alpha Group entered the construction sector in 2013 in order to be able to make a difference in the construction sector by influencing accumulation which gathered from its working history in the international field. YÖN TECHNICAL STRUCTURE Inc. was established in 2015 with a strong growth target for the realization of domestic and international construction projects.

Since we have a commercial relationship based on trust with all of our business partners, our work is based on the principle of “making what needed to be done in the best way possible”.

YÖN TECHNICAL STRUCTURE started to work with urban transformation projects firstly in Turkey and opened to abroad as working with aspiring engineers having experience of over 30 years and those who have signatures on major projects.

YÖN TECHNICAL STRUCTURE is formed with high-level engineering partnerships and the ability to make deliveries of keys by adhering to the quality-economy-purpose parameters of the construction projects of comprehensive upper structures and sub-structures.

Our founder and chairman of the board Mr. M. Şefik YÖN explains YÖN TECHNICAL STRUCTURE which will be the hopeful booth of the future, with the following statements:

” Humanity has been given the task of building the earth. We have undertaken our duty with the recognition of this mission and have set up a team equipped with knowledge and experience to contribute to the reconstruction of the earth. We have made pieces that benefit humanity and we continue to do so.”